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Miscellaneous - Fred Magoon

Our History


Fred Magoon, a Bentley College graduate, opened a grocery store in 1932 on Clifton Avenue in Brockton.  His customers were his friends and neighbors.  As they went about their shopping, now and then they would ask for investment or insurance advice.  Fred was always willing to oblige, plus he believed it would assist in keeping his customers coming back.


Five years later, on a Friday afternoon a fire, believed to have been caused by an overheated stove, swept through the small grocery store, ruining Fred’s entire stock as well as the store itself.


Who said innovation comes from creative destruction?  Instead of rebuilding his store, Fred recognized the community needed a local insurance agent, more than it did a grocery store.  He was earnestly determined to give people of the community something they were not getting, local professional service and a solid relationship.  Habig & Magoon continues to offer that same, unchanged service to our neighbors & friends.





William A. Habig, Jr.                           President, Third generation

Denise A. Cook                                 Vice President Operations

Trent W. Habig                                 Vice President Sales

Lisa Pearce                                      Accounting & Bookkeeping
Donna M. McShane                            Client Services Representative
Patti Kelleher                                    Manager, North Carolina Office